17 JUNE 2018

7:30 pm

The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay OX14 4AF




‘Tout organisme est une mélodie qui se chante elle-même.’ (Maurice Merleau-Ponty)
Working together on this piece, the ‘places’ of the title are not set positions: we inhabit the same space for a while, a space which is resonant and elastic.

Dancer and Choreographer: Joëlle Pappas
Piano: Késia Decoté, Cello/Bandoneon: Bruno Guastalla


Dancer and Choreographer: Joëlle Pappas
Music and Soundscape: Bruno Guastalla
Dramaturgy adviser: Miranda Laurence

Traits explores the attitudes and behaviour of a complex character fervently looking for a sense of coherent identity. It draws inspiration from puppetry traditions from around the world. This piece was commissioned by Dancin’Oxford and the Pegasus Theatre for Moving With The Times, 2018.

Myths and Visions

Part I: Myths
Henry Cowell – The voice of Lir, for piano [tone clusters] (1920)
Aeolian Harp, for piano strings (1923)
The Banshee, for piano strings (1925)
John Cage – Bacchanale, for prepared piano (1940)
Part II: Visions
Sara Carvalho – inside silence, for prepared piano and toy piano (2012)
Marisa Rezende – Miragem [Mirage], for piano and mallets (2009)
John Cage – A flower, for voice and closed piano (1950)

Performer: Késia Decoté
Movement director: Joëlle Pappas

Myths and Visions was originally conceived as part of Késia Decoté’s doctoral research at Oxford Brookes University. It combines piano performance with dance, offering an alternate experience of a classical music recital.

‘Késia Decoté takes bold risks both with her choice of repertoire and by challenging the conventions of piano performance, and she emerges triumphant.’
– Colin May, music writer (Nightshift, Oxford Times)

Joëlle Pappas is the founder director of Tac-au-Tac Dance Theatre in Oxford and teaches on the Royal Ballet School’s Primary Steps programme. She launched Joelle Pappas Projects in 2015 for which she has choreographed and directed several successful projects funded by Arts Council England, Swindon Dance, Richard Dawkins Foundation and Oxford City Council.

Bruno Guastalla makes and repairs violins and plays and writes music, often with dance. He works in association with the dancer Macarena Ortuzar and has collaborated with Cafe Reason and DEC Project (with Ana Barbour). He is a member of Set Ensemble and Oxford Improvisers. He also plays with Confluence Collective, an Oxford based multi-cultural community group.

Miranda Laurence works as a dramaturg with UK and international dance artists, alongside directing the Oxford-based ‘Dance and Academia’ programme, and a role as Visual Arts Development Officer at Reading University. She is currently in receipt of funding for a year-long self-led professional development programme for dance dramaturgy by Arts Council England using public money via the National Lottery. She is also supported by Oxford Dance Forum, South East Dance, Pavilion Dance South West and Falmouth University.

Késia Decoté is a pianist from Vitoria, Brazil. She holds a BA (Cum laude) and Master Degree in Piano Performance from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, BR), MA (Dist) and PhD in Contemporary Arts and Music from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK). She studied under Mr. Luiz Senise and Dr. Myrian Dauelsberg (piano), and Prof. Ray Lee (Contemporary Arts and Music). Késia has been developing a rich and diverse career, as piano soloist, chamber music instrumentalist, contemporary music interpreter and as a musician in theatre productions. As a soloist, Késia has performed solo piano recitals to great acclaim in cities including Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vila Velha and São Paulo (Brazil), Aveiro (Portugal), Oxford and London (UK). Késia Decoté was a co-founder and member of the avant-garde Brazilian Music group PianOrquestra – 10 hands and a prepared piano, and features in their first DVD.

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