1. Lovely, Bruno. Do you happen to know whether there’s a bus that gets near to the wood/nature reserve?

    1. The closest appears to be the S6 bus to Faringdon, stopping at Parklands Manor, Bessels Leigh. There are other ones. Then it is probably under a 1/2 hour walk from there. The wood I took pictures from wasn’t in the nature reserve bit. It was just a wood! The whole area is full of interesting nooks and crannies: Hitchcopse Pit one of them (old sand quarry). See map above; the lines in colour are all public foot paths.

      1. The S6. Got it. Thanks, I’ll give it a go. Just wandering about in free form wooded areas is worth doing camera or no camera I think. But camera it’ll be. Love the prospect of nooks and crannies! It’s nice to know Bruno’s out there ferreting out photos deep in the wilds…

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