I play cello and bandoneon in MUE, Set Ensemble, Ensemble Azut, Oxford Improvisers, Cold Harbour Trio, DEC Project

I have collaborated amongst others with Philipp Wachsmann, Dominic Lash, Cafe Reason Dance Company, Macarena Ortuzar, Helena Gough, Martin Hackett, Pete McPhail and various members of the collective Oxford Improvisers.

Experience as an instrument maker influences my attitude to sound. I use conventional notation, field recordings and various sound editing techniques. Questions around language, perception and shape making come up a lot.

Song project is a collaboration with singer Sarah Verney Caird and poet Joe Butler

“Divisions”, part of COHESION4 , organised by Oxford Improvisers,  piece devised together with Macarena Ortuzar .

photo by Lizzie Porter of a performance collaboration with Tiff Chan Oxford autumn 2009

La Table . Cafe Reason Butoh Dance company. A choreography realised in 2000.Photos by Paul Freestone. see this page for more details