Tuesday 3 May 2016 – 7:30 PM

Albion Beatnik Bookstore 34 Walton Street, Oxford

Oxford OX2 6AA   £7

Emmanuel Pariselle and Richard Burgess are two exceptional concertina players touring the UK, weaving French, British and Norwegian tunes and songs.

La Nonchalante (video from a perfomance in Norway)

The annagrammatic Core Egg Spree Trio is made of musicians who have collaborated in various settings over the last few years.

Malcolm Atkins (Keys/Violin), Pete McPhail (Sax/Flute), Bruno Guastalla (Cello/ Bandoneon)

Their recent work with Cafe Reason Butoh Dance Company resulted in two acclaimed performances in January this year at the Pegasus Theatre.



Burgess & Pariselle

One thought on “FOLK AND OTHER”

  1. Hello, Pete McPhail! Do you remember a Russian bloke who used to hang around the psychology dipaaaaaaarttment in the 70`s with chaps called Ridgersandralwins? Was sorry to lose touch. Worked as stage manager at York, Bristol etc `75 had breakdown & took 10 yrs to recover. Just managed to track down 3rd Ear band “Elements” lost about 40 yrs ago…. sounds like one of your influences…?
    Fancy a trip Ooop North – views of Lakes etc

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