azut CD launch web



AZUT (French Chanson collisions)

launching their new album ‘ALORS’


UUSIKUU (Finnish Tango +)

St Columba’s Church, Alfred Street (off High Street), Oxford OX1 4EH


Tickets: £9/£7  through or at the door

contact: or Paul Medley: 07941606869


Welcome to AZUT!

Where Jacques Brel meets Tom Waits serenaded by bandoneon and clarinet. Where Jules meets Jim whilst Bertold Brecht and Hans Eisler agitate for the United Front. Where the Troubadours of eight hundred years past go head-to-head with Ornette Coleman’s dreams of the shape of jazz to come

Singing songs of death and longing and dockside shenanigans…

Bruno Guastalla (Vocals, Bandoneon, Cello), Paul Medley (Clarinets),

David Stent (Guitar), Dominic Lash (Double Bass).


Welcome to UUSIKUU!

Uusikuu are one of the most interesting and original interpreters of that rare and rather special genre, the Finnish tango. Uusikuu revisits the haunting and melancholy Finnish rhythms and melodies from the 1930s and 1940s, the glowing voice of Laura Ryhänen acting as a tour guide to a journey into that uniquely Finnish world.

In the past eight years,Uusikuu has released two albums and performed at concert halls and festivals across Europe and has also been involved in several theatre and film productions.

Laura Ryhänen (vocals), Mikko Kuisma (Violin, Vocals),

Norbert Bremes (Accordion), Leo Laikola (Guitar), Dominic Lash (Double Bass).

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