Thursday 18th September 2014: Konzert Minimal play Antoine Beuger & Catherine Lamb @ Cafe OTO

CafĂ© OTO 18-22 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL London, United Kingdom 18 September at 20:00 First UK performance by Konzert Minimal, the radical Berlin-based ensemble of experimental musicians, composers and sound artists. Members of the ensemble come together with five UK-based musicians to present compositions by Wandelweiser founder Antoine Beuger, and the highly-acclaimed young American composer […]

that lead beneath brambles to the bodies and minds of others

Originally posted on davidtoop:
The book jacket is designed by Vanessa Bell, sister to Virginia Woolf. Her drawing for the front of the jacket is of trees and grasses, many black pen lines pulling and curling in vortical movement, little differentiation made between figure and ground. Shelley Hirsch was in London for a short stop…