A short film and some stills: outdoor pig farm above Ewelme (Oxfordshire)

Music: ‘Traces across folds’
for cello, prepared cello and ring modulator.

Recorded in July 2020 at the Upcycled Sounds studio in Oxford (engineer Nico O’Brien)

Video: above Ewelme (Oxfordshire), November 2020.

[Headphones or hifi speakers recommended]

(Another version of this video, with music by Oxford Improvisers, was premiered on YouTube on 14 December 2020. https://youtu.be/PXJslSfRD0o, as part of a set of videos by members of the group)

2 thoughts on “PIGS AT EWELME”

  1. I just saw this on Mopomoso TV and i absolutely loved it. I hope i get to see you play live, If you are ever in Kent/London.

    1. Thank you Ephre! I am playing at 100 years Gallery in the afternoon of 10 July with dancer Macarena Ortuzar and Dariusz Dziala on lights, in a double bill with Alan Wilkinson and Dominic Lash.

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