The picture above shows part of a tally: how many nights of shelter at Iffley Open House. Each stick figure: one person one night.

A project born of a desire, of an idea, of a need, of the coldest night of the year.

I took a small part in it, volunteering there one morning a week.

Each person, resident or volunteer carry their histories and their stories, into the space defined by a roof, a space between people, a refuge.


Oxford: a very affluent place, with a huge surplus of material goods and a housing crisis.

There is a deficit of love. Homelessness, its unspeakable harshness, the toll it takes on people, a symptom of this deficit.


On 28th February Wadham College re-took possession of the Iffley Road building after almost 2 months.

On 13th March, the University re-took possession of Osney Mill after two weeks of occupancy.

What comes next? And for whom?

Iffley Open House  February 2017

Osney Open house  6th March 2017

Osney Open House  Eviction day, 13th March 2013

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