3:00 pm, Sunday 7th June

JHB Building at Brookes University, Oxford.

A short performance/ reading,

part of a one-day Conference organised by CARU (Contemporary Arts Research Unit)

[see details below]


I will read a short selection from articles and opinions which have been published in the past few years, in print and online, in CITY AM, a free daily paper which is aimed at the workforce of the financial sector in the City of London.

I don’t claim these are representative of an average of what is published in CITY AM, which seems largely made of a daily diet of slightly tweaked ‘copy and paste’ material from news agencies. I have chosen these pieces for their ideological directness, for the fact they aim to convey a specific world view.

I want to voice these pieces, these disposable, ephemeral strings of sentences, to hear them,  after they have been scrolled out of existence or become recycled paper, and before their next  incarnation surfaces; I want to hear what it might be like if they become embodied, moving actual air and eardrums.



CARU | Arts re Search Conference 2015

 Time/Date10.30am–6pm on Sunday, 7th June 2015

  Location: Chakrabarti Lecture Theatre, JHB206, JHB207; Gipsy Lane Campus, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford OX3 0BP

 Following last year’s success CARU brings together artists and researchers from a wide range of fields of study and practice for yet another unique cross-disciplinary exploration into arts research. 


With the award-winning artist Ray Lee as the keynote speaker, the day will consist of an exciting mixture of talks and performances from creative and academic disciplines as varies as Art, Music, social sculpture, Computing and Communication Technologies, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences to question and debate on various areas of creative research, such as themes, material/form, documentation and practice methodology.


Event Schedule

      10.30  Welcome teas & coffees (JHB206)

 11.00  Introduction (Chakrabarti Lecture Theatre)

 11.15  Keynote Speaker: Ray Lee

   ‘Sound and wonder: the sonaesthetic theatre of Ray Lee’

 12.15  Annie Wright – Visibility or Invisibility? That is the Question (performance)

 12.30  John Twycross, Eric White, Mike Blow – Traak!

 13.00  Késia Decoté Rodrigues – Investigating interdisciplinary strategies for the piano recital         (including an introduction to ‘For her’) (talk)

 13.10  LUNCH (JHB206)

 14.10  Késia Decoté Rodrigues – For her: an exploration of the piano recital as a tool for raising social issues awareness (performance)

 14.30  Kevin Logan – How To (re)Do Things With Sounds, Doing Theory Through Performative Practice (Chakrabarti Lecture Theatre)

15.00  Bruno Guastalla – CITY AM: VOICES OF PROSPERITY (performance)

 15.15  Anna Nazo – Posthumanism: Future biomorphic transformations and sculptural reconstruction of the human body.

15.45  BREAK (JHB206)

16.15  Stavroula Kounadea & Austin Sherlaw-Johnson – WHAT WERE WE THINKING? John Cage and Teeny Duchamp Play Chess (Chakrabarti Lecture Theatre)

16.45  Tom Cox – How to make work

17.15  Dr Elena Cologni – Reciprocal Maieutics: An Approach For The Artist As Interface In Society

17.45  Conference closing


Attendance fees are £20/15cons. (includes lunch!)

The campus is served by a number of buses running from Oxford Rail Station and parking is also available at the Headington Hill Campus on the other side of Headington Road.
If you are travelling from London you may also consider the X90 and Oxford Tube coach services that run from London Victoria.

We hope to see you there!


Organised by CARU | Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit as part of Oxford Fringe Festival 2015 | w / www. | t @CARU_PR_Team

Do you have questions about CARU | Arts re Search Conference 2015? Contact CARU | Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit




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