Westgate Car park Oxford ( 1969-1972 – Douglas Murray, Oxford City Architect)

‘Hideous’ and ‘dreadful’ according to various books about the architecture of Oxford, its utilitarian soft brutalism is fading, the lichens’ yellows are the same as on the trees nearby. It is soon to be demolished.

Information on what may be built in its place here

Update March 2015:

demolition underway

DSCN6369-1 DSCN6412-1 DSCN6408-1 DSCN6405-1 DSCN6396-1 DSCN6397-1 DSCN6399-1 DSCN6400-1 DSCN6404-1 DSCN6395-1 DSCN6393-1 DSCN6391-1 DSCN6388-1 DSCN6385-1 DSCN6377-1 DSCN6381-1

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