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Calendar of events (below) can be also gleaned from the Ashmolean website



In association with Blackwell’s

Talk & String Quartet

Tickets:£5,booking essential
Telephone or visit Blackwell’s Customer Service Department in the Norrington Room, Blackwell’s
T: 01865 333623

“Stradivari: the Pursuit of Perfection”
With Dr Jon Whiteley, Exhibition Curator
Norrington Room, Blackwell’s, Broad Street, Oxford
Tuesday 23 July, 7.00–8.30pm

Antonio Stradivari is a household name although the instruments that have given him his colossal reputation remain a mystery. There is no simple answer to the splendour of his work. It is based, as all great work is based, on excellent materials and craftsmanship but also on tireless experiment and change. This talk will follow the stages in his long working life as he evolved towards the perfection of his “Golden Period” and beyond.

The evening includes two performances from a string quartet and ticket price includes a glass of wine.



Michael Kearns and myself from Oxford Violins assisted by John Milnes have helped to set up a ‘working’ violin-making workshop (artfuly designed and realised by Clare Flynn and Paul Evett from the Ashmolean ) in one of the exhibition rooms.

We will be  providing fiddle-making demonstrations.

Dates and times:

Thurs 18th July at 14h

Saturday 27th July at 14h


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