GIG 3d JULY 2012

MechanicOrganic plus Jon Seagroatt


Tue 3 July
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

The Loft Room @ The Old Fire Station

This event in Oxford Improvisers series is another sonic feast: It will feature Oxford Improvisers Orchestra in fine shape in a new piece by Dan Goren, and conversing with a machine which John Grieve will have created for the occasion. The evening will also feature the strength and delicacy of Jon Seagroatt’s playing. There is a thread running through all three sets, which is an exploration of improvisation in relation to form. Form as constraint? Organic form? Aleatoric form?

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On Growth and Form – Study I (Dan Goren)

Taking its name from the D’arcy Thompson’s seminal treatise on morphology, this piece seeks to apply the special and apt musical circumstances offered by an ensemble of improvising musicians to the evocation of that most wondrous of spectacles – organic growth.

Jon Seagroatt (solo soprano sax and live electronics)

Jon Seagroatt’s compelling sax playing is juxtaposed to the wild elaborations which granular synthesis creates.

Around a Machine by John Grieve (Bruno Guastalla)

What is the machine of musicians plus a machine?