events / performances for May and June 2012

Lots coming up:

1st May 8PM:

at the Old Fire Station , Oxford, the fulgurantly splendid NOSTROMO are playing, the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra too! details here

3d May 8PM:

at The Albion Beatnik, Oxford, I am reading poetry by Francis PONGE (as part of a gig which will comprise sets by Seijiro Murayama [percussion] Sarah Hughes [zither] Kostis Kilymis [feedback electronics]. details here

3 and 4th May

work with DEC project  [dance, live drawing projections, music]

at the Oxford  Story Museum

(invited audience, but if you are interested, contact me! the actual gig is on Friday evening)

 8th May:

Concert + Poetry at Holywell Music Room 7PM  see pdf attached here

Turkmen/Russian/ British  poets/musicians  in what promises to be an unusual and intense event (free admission)

12th to 19th May

Community Exhibition at the South Oxford Community Centre (Artweeks)

For it, I am preparing a piece around ideas of noticing things nearby, which will include a painting (see below) and a composite sound recordings piece.

Amongst many offerings are Aline Stanway’s splendid ceramic horses. (see below)

Also an evening event with music on the 16th. more details to come on this.

19th May:

Jacqueline du Pre Building, MUE , dance/music partnership with Macarena Ortuzar,  in a new collaboration with film maker Dariusz Dziala is taking part in a performance . details here

21st June:

Double bill: USUIKUU (Finnish Tango extraordinaire) and our very own and inimitable Ensemble Azut (French Chanson and Medieval Pop) will be entertaining Midsummer revellers at the Isis Tavern on the river Thames. details soon.

the past few weeks, I have been involved in a spate of playing/recording activity , duet collaborations wth Athena Corcoran Tadd (Piano + fiddle), Martin Hackett (Synt), with Sarah Hughes (Zither), and my old friend Dom with whom this bracken track was hatched . Also re-acquainting with IMAGINARY STRING TRIO with Dom and Philipp Wachsmann  for a very enjoyable and fruitful recording session.

I have been experimenting with granular synthesis: the slightly disturbing ‘swarm of mechanical insects’ or ‘trickle of synthetic water’, or ‘magnified micro robotic termite activity’ qualities are providing me with seemingly endless hours of fun. I use a software called Audiomulch, and chain together several granular synths, so they feed into one another. Here is an attempt at a piece made using this sort of material.

Hinksey Lakes- February snow