Butoh Danse Theatre show! Friday 3d June / Sat 4th

To be enjoyed: an array of spectacular pieces by Cafe Reason Butoh Danse Theatre, at the Pegasus, Magdalen Road Oxford, in a rare theatre production by this innovative ensemble.
Music comes in the form of a specially composed soundtrack by Malcolm Atkins and live playing by Pete McPhail (in fine form!) on sax, clarinet, flute etc.. and Bruno Guastalla, cello, bandoneon.
Bring friends and family!
details on
cafe reason
bookings etc.

One thought on “Butoh Danse Theatre show! Friday 3d June / Sat 4th”

  1. Am gutted but I have rehearsals all day everyday this week for a scratch performance on Sunday, argh.!!! The poster looks fabfabfab argh I’ll try help spread the word xxx good luck, break a leg for each of you . Miss you guys n wanna be there to watch

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