“Mornings” (recordings)

This piece was given to listen to on an ipod as part of Artweeks 2011, at South Oxford Community Centre.
The idea is a simple one: to record sounds every day for a week from the same place, near Hinksey Lake, Oxford, at 7.00 AM.
I also layered the recordings, so one of the two tracks one can listen to consists of the recording of one of the the days, (25th May) and the other of a superimposition of all days’ recordings since and including Monday 23d May, until Saturday 28th.
The absence of associated visual context, and how it might affect one’s perception of the sounds.
The sounds as abstract events and shapes, and triggers for recognition, language, association.
The sounds bearing witness to the specific time we live in and to the activities they are a by-product of eg. this car engine, this traffic, these trains, these birds, and whatever myriads of tiny events that get recorded.
The act of perception.
Hearing as means of checking that I am alive and present to that fact (just in case I have doubts!).
For the layering, something about accumulation, memory, chaos.

Recorded with a Rode NT4 with Rycote wind shield, on a Fostex FR2 LE digital recorder.
Thanks to Patrick Farmer for the loan of equipment.

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