In the past few years, following a fairly unavoidable interest in language and discontinuity, and in the idea of same and different, I have been looking at least-repeating compressed sequences known as superpermutations; they bring out patterns of palindromes and repetitions (in order to least repeat, one needs to repeat).

Here is a text which hopefully makes clear how I got (and remain) obsessed.  Scores have come out of this, and graphic attempts some of which can be seen at the bottom of this page. As a player, I tend to like scores which open possibilities for performers. I hope these work in that way.

Memoire de Cezanne (2012)

Memoire de Cezanne (score)

The piece was first played by Set Ensemble plus Michael Pisaro and Stefan Thut, Holywell Music Room Oxford, 1oth October 2012.

Basic room recording of the performance:

It has been also recorded by Set Ensemble and may be on a future release on the ‘consumer waste’ label.

 Table pour quatuor (2013)


table pour quatuor TABLE POUR QUATUOR texteThis  has had several versions, some written in conventional notation, it is based on the sequence


A version titled QUATUOR has been made into an artist’s book, a collaboration between the artist/printmaker Matthew Tyson, the bookbinder Charles Gledhill and myself. Pic of the book being printed below:



Traces across folds (2014)

I am often uneasy about taking a definite position when it comes to being attracted to this or that sound and therefore choosing it or refusing to choose it, or even setting up situations which remove choice altogether, and this piece may be a way to look at that unease. Also it appears to be providing different varied reasons for non action or silence, as part of the score.

I have started working on this with Samuel Rodgers, it may be performed sometime in 2015.

traces across folds (score)


Some graphic sketches