for Artweeks Oxford 2014 I am doing a few things: showing some pictures recent and old. The most recent ones are directly related to ideas I have been working on around organizing of sound . They are at 57 Lake street Oxford, a joint exhibition with Aline Stanway (ceramic sculptures) and Barbara Murray (ceramics).      Saturday […]


Significant Landscapes an exploration of sound, silence and writing including a live premiere of Michael Pisaro’s July Mountain; Givens 1-16, a work written specially for the event by Stefan Thut; Writing Sound, a symposium featuring contributions from Salomé Voegelin, Michael Pisaro, Amy Cutler, Daniela Cascella, David Stent, Patrick Farmer. Plus, on the 10th November there […]


the Dec project (danse, drawing, sounds) which I am taking part in with Kassandra Isaacson, Susan Moxley, Macolm Atkins,Susie Crow, Ana Barbour and Clare Bassett now has a new website