events / performances for May and June 2012

Lots coming up: 1st May 8PM: at the Old Fire Station , Oxford, the fulgurantly splendid NOSTROMO are playing, the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra too! details here 3d May 8PM: at The Albion Beatnik, Oxford, I am reading poetry by Francis PONGE (as part of a gig which will comprise sets by Seijiro Murayama [percussion] Sarah […]


the Dec project (danse, drawing, sounds) which I am taking part in with Kassandra Isaacson, Susan Moxley, Macolm Atkins,Susie Crow, Ana Barbour and Clare Bassett now has a new website


Looking at two representations: one of the body, a set of drawings by Domenico Tintoretto, and one by the body, a film of a performance by Camille Mutel ,  “Effraction de l’Oubli”. DRAWINGS BY DOMENICO TINTORETTO Jacopo Tintoretto’s son Domenico (Domenico Robusti) lived in Venice between 1560 and 1630, (where he would have been a […]