This is the text for a talk I gave at the Galpin Society Conference, Music Faculty, Oxford, on 26th July 2013 (edit in progress, click on the pictures for more detailed viewing) While it is evident that most objects bear the marks of their use, traces of their journey through time remaining as clues inscribed […]


Significant Landscapes an exploration of sound, silence and writing including a live premiere of Michael Pisaro’s July Mountain; Givens 1-16, a work written specially for the event by Stefan Thut; Writing Sound, a symposium featuring contributions from Salomé Voegelin, Michael Pisaro, Amy Cutler, Daniela Cascella, David Stent, Patrick Farmer. Plus, on the 10th November there […]

MEANING MACHINES 21ST OF JUNE (an oxfringe 2011 event)

In the richly sonorous space of St Michael’s Church, Oxford Improvisers and their guests are staging a concert of composed and improvised music which incorporates the written word in its preparation / execution. Eight original pieces will be performed, ranging from text-based scores to improvisations structured according to written parameters. new works by James Saunders, […]

Orpheus’s Gaze

Le Regard d’Orphée Maurice Blanchot   (English translation below) Quand Orphée descend vers Eurydice, l’art est la puissance par laquelle s’ouvre la nuit. La nuit par la force de l’art, l’accueille, devient l’intimité accueillante, l’entente et l’accord de la première nuit. Mais c’est vers Eurydice qu’Orphée est descendu : Eurydice est, pour lui, l’extrême que l’art […]