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  • Just pressed: from a CD by  ENSEMBLE AZUT,

a tango ‘El Panuelito’



With Sarah Verney Caird and Joe Butler


for cello and tape (12’02”)

Recorded live, Holywell Music Room Oxford, 13th Nov.2009, Recording: Richard Thomas, Mastering: Tim Turan

As well as grey flat and layered,it can also be a surface to write on, a list, a debt, a menu.
Also the sense that given enough time and enough rain it may be wiped clean, who knows?
The piece is notated as a list of suggestions/injunctions, some as notes on staves some as groups of words.



Cold Harbour is an improvising trio: Pete McPhail (Flutes/Reeds), David Stent (Guitar), B. Guastalla (Cello/Bandoneon)

this is part of a forthcoming CD project.

based on field recordings from the primary forest of French Guyana



  • FOR CELLOS (sketch 2012)



Duet with Martin Hackett for cello and synth. on the ILSE label