Oxford Violins,

Dominic Lash doublebass

Philipp Wachsmann

Joe Butler words the web site of Seth Cooke, sound recordist and composer

Sarah Verney Caird singer +

Anna Clyne is a composer who lives in Chicago .

Helena Gough is a composer /sound artist .

Martyn Harry composer

Joe Cutler composer

David Stent music, writing, art

Malcolm Atkins composer

Alex Hawkins pianist

Paul Medley photography, music

Cafe Reason butoh dance company

John Butcher magician

Counterpointer . piece of software for counterpoint exercices. More fun than crosswords or sudoku. Much.

Audiomulch delicious software, very flexible, for sound manipulation.

Oxford Improvisers is a collective of musicians as diverse as can be, and willing to work together.

British Library Sound Archive amazing

UBUWEB the experimental work archive

The Watchful Ear is a blog (mostly about new music) written by Richard Pinnell

m@sh new music project in Oxford

Ivor Cutler

Frances-Marie Uitti